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Melody Maison
Friday, 17 April 2009

Perpetual Black Desk Top Calendar - £27.95 from Melody Maison

Melody Maison is a gorgeous online store specialising in shabby chic and french style furniture. The amazing desk top calendar (above) is currently out of stock but you can back order it ready for shipping on April 30th. Melody Maison is also one of the UK's leading stockists of mannequins; the decorative table top example (below) would look amazing in a bedroom and is really well priced. There's tons more beautiful furniture and home accessories to trawl through, i recommend book marking them if you are planning to decorate your house in the near future.

Brown Black table top mannequin - £34.95 from Melody Maison

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Dutch by Design
Monday, 13 April 2009

Birdcage Table Lamp - £45 from Dutch by Design

I received an email the other day from Dutch by Design, a London based company that is passionate about contemporary dutch design. It's such a treat to find a store like this that is based in the UK. I particularly love the Birdcage Table Lamp (above), they currently only have pink in stock but you can register to be sent an email alert when the other colours are available. The Ivy Wall Panel (below) is really quite special also; charming and whimsical!

Tord Boontje Ivy Wall Panel - set of six : £47.50 from Dutch by Design

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Lola-Mae Online is about to become active again! There are lots of new submissions coming up so I'd love it for you guys to join the new RSS feed by clicking here.

I'll also be featuring a special article in the near future about how to start your own business on sites such as Etsy. I hope to have everything covered, even down to how you get your work printed, what you should know about sending your work to the printers and tips to start and/or increase sales. If you have any questions please email them to me and I will try to get them answered, there is a link to my email address on the left navigation bar.

So, it's been a while but hopefully we will be back on track soon, in the mean time please enjoy a mantra design by Sarah Gardner. Her work is really lovely and if your having a break and a cup of tea I insist you pop over and take a look through her Flickr album.

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