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A bad day..
Friday, 29 August 2008

..apologies for the late post. It's been a rubbish day, my poor little car, Reverend Hot dog, has gone and blown his head gasket. Cue slight mental breakdown, taking a day off work and a cleaning spree of the house.

Damn cars, they're more trouble than they're worth!

P.S. Scroll down, I posted a cheeky little one!


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Dot Com Gift Shop

"Fruits" Vintage Framed Kitchen Print - £5.95 from Dot com gift shop

Dot com gift shop have just got some lovely new stock in. The vintage framed print above is lovely, they also have them featuring seafood, vegetables and puddings. They wouldn't suit my kitchen very well though unfortunately. The dresser below is lovely too, I might get it for my room =)

Wooden White Distressed Three Drawer Chest with Rococo Stylings - £18.95 from Dot com gift shop

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The Red Door Gallery
Thursday, 28 August 2008

Cut Offs - £9 by Alison Hardcastle from The Red Door Gallery

The Red Door Gallery
is fab online (and offline) boutique based in Edinburgh and run by Sarah, Mel and Annie. I spent ages looking through all of their products trying to decide what to feature. My favourite item is probably the Cut Offs note book (above), it's made from off cuts from other books. The pinhole camera (below) is lovely too!

Hole-On Ex - £14 by Noted from The Red Door Gallery

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The Small Stakes
Wednesday, 27 August 2008

>Bright Eyes 18" x 24" from The Small Stakes

The Small Stakes was set up in 2003 by a very talented man named Jason Munn from Oakland, California. He started out designing for the local music scene but from what I can see he has been doing very well lately with a few bigger bands. I love these two prints I found in his gallery, even if you're broke, it's still most definitely worth head over there for a browse.

My Brightest Diamond 19" x 25" from The Small Stakes

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We're back!

Hello boys and girls.

I hope everyone in the UK had a lovely bank holiday weekend, I spent it in Devon staying at my Grandad's with the boy. If you were reading last week you'd know that Reading Festival was the original plan for the weekend. Unfortunately ticket touts are a nasty piece of work.

Here are a few photos that were taken over the weekend.

The scary eel at the National Marine Aquariam in Plymouth

The scary spikey fish at the National Marine Aquariam in Plymouth

The scary spikey creature thing at the National Marine Aquariam in Plymouth

Me picking shells and things up at the beach in Plymouth

The boy trying to skim stones at the beach in Plymouth

This is Daisy baby, my Grandad's dog

The boy in Grandad's den (shed)

Me in Grandad's den (shed)

My brand spanking new nephew, not even one day old. He's a big one

All in all it was a fab weekend and I can't wait to meet little Levi.


P.S. A post to follow later this morning =]


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Hanna Zakari
Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Going Swimmingly Print by Ashley G - £16.00 from Hannah Zakari

I love looking through the new arrivals on Hannah Zakari, there is a really diverse range of products and styles. It's a great place to pick out gifts for a friends birthday, and of course, a gift for yourself!

Buttons Long Handle Bag by Paper Alligator - £8.00 via Hannah Zakari

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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Wooden USB Memory Sticks from 60 euros via Ooms

Just a cheeky little update for you guys today. I absolutely adore these little twig USB sticks, they are fab fab fab. I'm going to get one for univeristy! You can buy them from Ooms.. who are here.

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Just a heads up..

I am off to Reading Festival this weekend so there will be no updates Thursday through Monday.

I don't have a ticket yet as such, but it will be fine!

Gemma-Lea xx


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Velvet Boutique
Monday, 18 August 2008

Lovey Dovey Cushion - £60 from Velvet Boutique by Clare Nicolson

Velvet Boutique was a lovely store to come across on a Sunday afternoon, it features work from some really talented designers. I chose these two cushions by Clare Nicolson and Helen Gallogy simply because the caught my eye, there was so much to chose from. I recommend you all talk a wander over there and have a quick browse!

"White Moth" Satin Cushion - £45 from Velvet Boutique by Helen Gallogly

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Studio Lyon
Friday, 15 August 2008

Tweed Deer print : 4x6 - $6.00 from Studio Lyon

Depending on how long you have been reading Lola-Mae Online you may remember an earlier post about Christina Lyon or Studio Lyon as she is known by on Etsy! Here are another two fabulous prints by Christina, there are loads more to look at in her store!

Birdy - Original Digital Collage Print : 4x5 - $10.00 from Studio Lyon

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Secret Jewellz
Thursday, 14 August 2008

Moonlight Filigree Brass Necklace - $28.00 from Secret Jewellz

If you are looking for beautiful and original jewellery then Secret Jewellz is certainly one of the top choices! These intricate designs are stunning, and there are so many more to chose from. To see the full collection please visit the Etsy site linked at the beginning of this post, you will not be disappointed.

Filigree Flutter Butterfly Necklace - $29.99 from Secret Jewellz

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Lovely Lovely
Wednesday, 13 August 2008

London Tea Towel £8.50 from Lovely Lovely

Lovely Lovely really does sell some lovely lovely designs. These two tea towels would look great framed up in a kitchen. There are three more in the range; Paris, Las Vegas and of course, New York. Shipping is £4.95.. and that's yet another fab UK shop to add to the bookmarks!

Tokyo Tea Towl £8.50 from Lovely Lovely

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Dutch Door Press
Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Wildflower Windmill print (limited edition letterpress) - $40 from Dutch Door Press

Dutch Door Press, aka Mara Murphy and Anna Branning are a two lady, antique print processing, super talented, San Francisco based team. I love the rich colours and organic designs. I hope they make a 2009 calander!

Folky 2008 Letterpress Calendar - $15 from Dutch Door Press

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Right Brain Terrain
Monday, 11 August 2008

Shine alternative motivational poster - $14.95 from Right Brain Terrain

I love the alternative motivational posters available from the folks over at Right Brain Terrain. They are far prettier than the infinitely boring team work and rapport posters they have in the office I work at. Also, as an added little treat they're now selling sets of all of the posters in note card form for only $24.95. They would look fab in little frames aligned on your walls.

Focus alternative motivational poster - $14.95 from Right Brain Terrain

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It's the end of the week..
Friday, 8 August 2008

I really enjoyed this week posting about specific cities here in the UK! I hope everyone else enjoyed it to. Have a nice weekend and I will see you all again on Monday.

Gemma-Lea xx

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Top 3 - London

Little Lost - $39.90 from Belle & Boo

Belle & Boo (or Mandy and Kate) produce the most adorable prints and buttons from Mandy's little one bedroom flat near Hampstead Heath in London. They sell the most ridiculously adorable items in their Etsy store, I highly recommend everyone pays them a visit. I love all of the beautiful illustrations and pastel colours.


Luella Collection 2 - $30 from Fifilapin

I don't think much needs to said about the talented Fifilapin, the designs really do say it all. I'm really not sure what to write without simply gushing about the sheer cuteness. I just love everything about this print.. and all the others!


Lonely Metropolis - $27 from Janicej

JaniceJ's style is quite similar to one of my picks for Brighton yesterday (Robin101.. scroll down). However JaniceJ's designs have a much sketchier, busier feel to them, which I really like. In this piece I think she captured the feeling of being lost and completely overwhelmed so well!

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Top 3 - Brighton
Thursday, 7 August 2008

Top to Toe Greeting Card - $3.50 from Robin101

Oh Robin Clare, you make the most sickeningly lovely designs. I am so jealous of you. Most of her work surrounds the issue of waste and urban environments so she's nice and eco aware too. Click here to browse Robin's Etsy store.


Muju Peace and Love Print Orange Edition - $60 from Muju

Brighton also has a two person collaboration name Muju. They do the loveliest artwork, prints and toys. Please head over to their Etsy shop, they're definitely one of the cutest designers I've featured this week. I love this print, single colour pieces can be so eye catching sometimes!


Wire - $25 from SaintKitten

I've found yet another fab photographer on Etsy named Saint Kitten (or in real life, Cassie Beck). She also comes from Brighton, such great artists come out of that place! If you haven't noticed already I am a little biased towards Brighton.. and I really like this style of photography!

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Top 3 - Manchester
Wednesday, 6 August 2008

All in a row - $20 from Art+Ghosts

Louise is the lady behind Art+Ghosts, and a very talented lady she is too. I don't really have much to say about her work except how much I absolutely adore her style. She has a really good info page on her Etsy site which explains her work process and gives an insight into her (slightly magical) outlook on life!


Foxglove and Heart print - $35 from Eyeshoot

I've also found a great Manchester based photographer who goes by the name of Eyeshoot. You can see her full gallery here on her main website. Sarah has a great eye for colour, all her pictures are really beautiful to look at.


English Vintage Tote Bag - $30 from Sallyent

Sallyent's work is a fab combination of "vintage, Japanese and geometric fabrics". This bag is absolutely great, it has a lovely little embellishment on the bottom right corner =]

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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Oh it's a very sad day. Denkgo my Newfoundland dog had to be put down yesterday. We've had him 10 years. I loved that dog so much =[

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Top 3 - Bristol

Big Print - $125 from Mr45rpm

I love love love 45rpm he makes the cutest owl prints. You can also find his owls tagged all across Bristol, there is one right outside my work! He describes himself on Etsy as "A lover of top hats, beards, owls and bearded owls". Personally I'd marry him after reading that sentence, I love beards almost as much as I love owls. You can visit the official website here.


World in a Trunk Giclee Print - $60 from Peskimo

I have only just discovered that Peskimo is based in Bristol and I have to say it has made my day =] I think I like this this print so much because of it's irregular dimensions, tall or panoramic prints are so eye catching. They have an Etsy shop you can visit and also Peskimo.com for news and more cuteness.


Memory of a Hydrangea photogram 10x8 - $35 from Polaroid & Pinholes

Rowena is the artist behind Polaroid & Pinhole and she is most certainly a very interesting lady. She uses a variety of different techniques to create her gorgeous images. You can find out more about how she works via her website. The colours are amazing and light effects are really lovely.

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Top 3 - Edinburgh
Monday, 4 August 2008

Pair of Fabric Origami Butterfly Hair Grips - $15 from bY Mi

Edinburgh based bY Mi aka Hannah Snell doesn't have a lot in her shop but what she does have is lovely. She does fabric origami brooches to. I want them, all of them. She does custom work to.. go check her out.


Vintage tea towel wallet - $20 from Feel Fuzzy

Feel Fuzzy is another super talented designer from Edinburgh. She has 8 years experience as a Graphic Designer but eventually decided to transfer her skills onto creating all things fuzzy and lovely. Her store is full of vintage-esque treats for you all to enjoy.


Tree Girl - $16 from The Dandelion Project

The Dandelion Project consists of two fab Edinburgh artists, Iain Bruce and Vala Dora Jonsdottir. I adore this black and white print, it's so fresh and delicate. Scrummy.

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Dolly Dagger
Friday, 1 August 2008

Anchor Keepsake Tray - £4.50 from Dolly Dagger

Every one should have a bit of kitsch in their home. If you don't then you should definitely head over to Dolly Dagger and start kitting yourself out diner style. Bold prints and shabby chic designs are the way to go.. especially in a kitchen.

1950s Diner Napkin Holder - £12 from Dolly Dagger

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